Dry Aging Cool Room

We have our own custom built spacious Dry Aging Cool Room on site where we age on-the-bone the best of Scottish beef; from long rib, short rib, whole sirloins and tomahawks.                   Here our in-house butcher prepares the meat using his craft to expertly butcher and showcase traditional and best cuts of steak.       

Open Plan Grill

There are many ways to cook a steak but in our opinion we subscribe to the Maillard technique, whereby none of the juices or fats are lost to open grilling; and no charcoal to influence the purity and flavour of the meat. We cook on an open flat grill to ensure the perfect all over char and crust creating a bark on the outside whilst juicy and tender on the inside.

Selected Scottish Beef

Using only carefully selected Scottish beef from the finest cattle in Scotland, we hand pick for quality and farm assured provenance.   We believe in the best of Scottish farming, focusing on beef, lamb, pork and venison using the seasons to compliment with a range of starters, sides and sauces to enhance your steak experience.                           


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